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QTH - Budapest, Hungary

zone - 15
ITU zone - 28
QTH locator - JN97NL

QSL info - eQSL.cc 

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QSOs, reports

Audio recording in ham radio

My general practice is to record all activity on HF bands realtime. I use a very simple recorder program, named 'Mrecorder' that opens a DOS window although it works under Windows. In every hour it closes the old and opens a new file named yymmdd_hhmmss.waw so the realtime rercording is ensured. The waw files will be placed to the directory where the Mrecorder.exe is. The file lenght is only about 5 MB/1 hour. That means about 120 MB in a round-the-clock run. To stop recording you have to push 'Ctrl+c' combination when the DOS window is on the screen (never close it with mouse!). There is a stereo version of the program called 'Srecorder' (not tested by me) that can be used in case of 2Radio operation. The files can be played by Winamp (a plugin may be needed) and XMPlay without any additional plugin.

To edit or convert files Audacity works fine as well as some audio converters do the job. All clips, except from media, on this page were recorded by me, if not, I refer to the source.

I must have edited some QSO clips for the completion of that particular QSO took a longer time and/or some DX or special event stations forgot to send their call sign out too frequently. Of course all realtime recordings are available.

Remarks: Some of clips are in Ogg Vorbis format. It is very similar to MP3 and can be played with a good number of players just like Winamp, XMPlay and many others. The file format is "name.ogg".

Hams in media (Ogg Vorbis)
 Riport - 2016. Debreceni HAM találkozó-I a Kossuth Rádióban (Hu - 4 MB)  Open
 Riport - 2016. Debreceni HAM találkozó-II a Kossuth Rádióban (Hu - 4,1 MB)  Open
 Riport - HG0EK, Rózsa Dezső a Kossuth Rádióban 2015-09-08. (Hu - 24 MB)  Open
 Klári, HA5BA on Kossuth Radio 2005. 10. 25. (Hu - 8 MB)  Open
 Riport HG0EK, Rózsa Dezsővel 2008. (Hu - 15 MB)  Open
 NPR on ham radio (2010)  Open

NA1SS, OR4ISS clips (Ogg Vorbis)
 Touchdown-of-Simonyi@T-5min (En, Ru - 5 MB) - by NASA  Open
 NA1SS-above-HA-090404-1432UT (Hu - 2 MB)  Open
 NA1SS-above-France-20090402-1338UT (En - 2 MB)  Open
 NA1SS-above-HA_090401_131258UT (Hu - 1 MB)  Open
 NA1SS - above - HA 2009.03.31 (Hu - 3 MB)  Open
 OR4ISS - GB4FUN - 20090330 - 1704-0710 UT (En - 2 MB)  Open
 NA1SS-Zanka-Eu Space Camp_080724-dwnlnk (Summary) (En - 2 MB)  Open

QSO clips (Ogg Vorbis)
 Date  UTC  MHz  Call Sign                   Remark  Ogg
 20100218  0325  7  V31RI  Edited - poor condx  Open
 20100218  0330  7  C6AUM  Edited - poor condx  Open
 20100218  0643  21  T6AG    Open
 20100218  0741  24  3B8DB  Strong QRH can be heard  Open
 20100219  1217  21  FG/F6AUS    Open
 20100228  0835  28  Z21BB  Via LoTW and W3HNK  Open
 20100101  0804  14  JT1BH  A New Year's Day dx  Open
 20100310  0154  7  A7/M0FGA    Open
 20100310  0158  7  KP4MS    Open
 20100310  0208  7  4S7NE  Well after sunrise in 4S7  Open
 20100310  0224  7  5N50K  Op LZ1CL  Open
 20100310  0227  7  P49V    Open
 20071124  2122  7  K5ZD  Recorded by K5ZD (one of 2R)  Open
 20100313  2049  14  PJ6/K4UEE    Open
 20100314  0339  7  K4T  NA-079 Dry Tortugas xped  Open
 20100314  0545  14  FM5WD  Around midnight in FM5  Open
 20100314  0752  28  BD7LMT  10 m opens  Open
 20100314  0808  28  BY8AC  10 m opened for BY  Open
 20100314  0829  24  JT1BH  12 m opened  Open
 20100314  0859  24  JA2FJP  One of 2 JAs heard  Open
 20100315  0902  24  CT9/DL3KWR  YL Rosel WOTA # 30  Open
 20100315  0910  24  9M2TO  With strange echo  Open
 20100315  1401  24  VP5/W5SL  In huge pileup  Open
 20100315  1405  24  5R8DN    Open
 20090328  0442  7  OH4A  Recorded by OH4A (2R)  Open
 20100317  0142  7  R1ANP  PROGRESS Base, Antarctica  Open
 20100317  0520  10  CE0Y/LA9SN  Eastern Isl. (Edited)  Open
 20100318  0242  7  3B9WR  With jamming buddies  Open
 20100318  0256  7  5X1NH  Jamming stns went to bed  Open
 20100320  0605  14  KH6MB  Waiting for the right moment  Open
 20100323  1211  14  4J0WFF  4JFF-016  Open
 20100323  1535  14  ZS10WCS  2010 World Cup Soccer  Open
 20100325  2031  7  HS0/RV3DHC    Open
 20100327  1043  7  HA4BF/P  From HAFF-043  Open
 20100330  0215  7  YN4SU    Open
 WRTC2010      R34P  Left HA2MN's Right R34P's trx  Open
 2010411  0519  14  YI9PSE  Just for the fun in the contest jam  Open
 20150221  0106  7  KT4TTT  Tomi, HA7RY before heading home, is in FL  after Navassa expedition  Open
 20081129  0615  7  HC8N  Last minute before propagation went down  Open
 20180810  2153  14  XQ6CFX  Metropoliten noise + uncertain condx  Open


Thanks to all operators for hearing me while running my moderate power and poor antenna!
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